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October 15, 2006



O.M.G. are they all insane? I can see your husband's point that the parents will most likely be in favor of this since most people are either single parents or 2 working parent families who will be happy to not have to provide childcare--I am sure that is fueling this potential change.

I have always found it to be very disturbing that public schools are so willing to try out something that is untested just because it "sounds good" or maybe some other school district is doing it--have to keep up with the Public School Joneses!

Sometimes I want to say, "If another Public School was jumping off a bridge, would you do it?"

but I digress.... :)


I agree! I recently got a flyer in the mail from a prospective senator I was planning to vote for saying he supports early intervention preschool and free preschool for all. I had to stop and think on that. Do we really want our kids in school sooner? I understand that working parents would find this a tremendous financial relief, but what would it do to kids? It is odd to me how much pulic opinion is at odds with what some of us consider normal childhood developement, ie. play and exploring the world through freetime.

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