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December 02, 2010



This reminds me of the semi-famous saying of "Ponce" from the old Gold is Money and now Gold-Silver.us forum:

If you don't hold it, you don't own it.


So any silver? Coins, junked-up jewelry, ingots or whatever form I can get it in, eh?

Incidentally, T pulled two old silver certificate dollar bills out of a special pocket in her wallet today. No thought of cashing it out, but it was quaint to look at money published by the Treasury.


Any silver will retain value and be protection against dollar devaluation, and it'll still hurt the banks in the long run because that's silver that won't be melted back down to be made into coins. But the silver that will hurt JPM the most shorter term would be silver in investment form ("junk" silver, 1-ounce gov't issued coins, or rounds or bars issued by a major mint like Johnson Matthey or Sunshine). If there's a coin or pawn shop around, you might make a token gesture and buy an old pre-1965 quarter or something, they're just a few bucks. I think that currently junk silver should be selling for around 26(?) times the face value, so you could get 10 old dimes for $25-30. But I'm not sure about that because there's a shortage, so your local shop might charge more.

It's quite an experience to go in and pay $3 for a dinky little Mercury dime. Like-- whoa!! This paper shit ain't worth... well, shit.

Silver Certificate

The big banks are all abhorrent (most abundantly The Squid)-- it's just that JP Morgan is a decidedly accessible target, because JPM has awash off $1.5 abundance account of argent they never had, and a acceptable accord of this abolished argent was in "naked abbreviate sales," acceptation it never existed anywhere.

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