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July 30, 2008



What do you use to keep them crispy? Sandor Katz recommends grape leaves in "Wild Fermentation," but they're not that easy for me to get.


Well, I'm not canning these, I'll just be refrigerating them to slow fermentation once they've reached the right stage. They stay crispy for a few weeks, when done this way, but eventually start to get soft. Luckily I am a pickle fiend and they will not last long.

As for canned pickles, I haven't tried it yet but I think it's tough. You could use that alternative salt (calcium chloride) which is marketed as "Pickle Crisp" or "Stay-Crisp" or something like that. I found it at a mainstream grocery store, so you might be able to locate some and give that a try. And I think soaking them in ice water just prior to packing them in the canner is supposed to help.

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