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July 07, 2008



Ha ha ha...

Did you all taste the accidental butter? Was it good?



Yep! It was... plain old butter, quite tasty. I think I was supposed to put it in a cloth or something and squeeze out the remaining traces of buttermilk, but we didn't. We just stuck it on toast and it was the usual stuff. I do think one has to be more careful about moisture content if you use it for baking, though.

We got maybe 1/4 cup butter out of 1/2 cup or so of cream. I was really surprised. (I guess there is a LOT of fat in whipped cream, eh?)

I've been trying to get hooked up with a raw milk source... thought I had one there for a while, but it fell through. I was looking forward to buying a quart of cream once a week in addition to the regular whole milk. Now I realize that would have covered all our butter needs, and with plenty left over for soft cheeses and whipped cream and sauces.

I'm also realizing how much butter our ancestors consumed, if they were churning quarts of cream on a weekly basis. Holy cow!


I imagine there was some serious butter consumption "back in the day." I've stockpiled huge stacks of KerryGold butter in my extra freezer, since the availability of raw dairy in my town fluctuates. At least it's made from the cream of grass-fed cows, and has a nice deep yellow color. Yesterday I went out for breakfast, and was shocked to see that the restaurant's butter was as white as paper.

Ms. Q

I should try this with the kids!

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